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The Swiss Army Knife Of Overclocking

CpuIdle is a CPU cooling and power management software.
CPU cooling will help you achieve these things:

  • decrease CPU temperature
  • enhance stability
  • enable overclocking (overclocking increases temperature- CpuIdle gives additional headroom)
  • increase CPU life (a decrease by 10°C doubles the life span)
  • cut power consumption

Unlike normal power management provided by the operating system, CpuIdle is always active. CpuIdle is even working even when you're actively using your computer!

CpuIdle created the very idea of software CPU cooling: CpuIdle was the first power management and CPU cooling software providing online-cooling during normal PC activity. When you first start CpuIdle on your PC, you'll see and almost immediate temperature drop:

Temperature curve after starting CpuIdle

CpuIdle uses several mechanisms to keep your CPU cool:

  • shutdown CPU when not used (online cooling)
  • optimize CPU for maximum cooling effect
  • optimize chipset for maximum cooling effect (supported chipsets only)

User Comments

Hear what other people are saying about CpuIdle:


Simply amazing! My cpu's temperature come down to 36 (before was 46!). Your software works better than those expensive copper heatsink and noising fan and, not last, is cheaper!


...other that I'm amazed. ...I checked my idle temp before install, and it was at the usual 106F. After installation of the software, my processor idles at 96F. A ten degree drop almost instantly! Amazing! ...I was happy after I just installed my new Zalman CNPS7000A-CU heatsink and fan. Now I'm ecstatic! Your software is a gift to overclockers everywhere.


Now my PC doens't crash anymore due to overheating. When I was surfing on the internet or working in, the temp op the CPU rised up to 65C, now it's only 43-45C. This is just amazing. :D


I just downloaded cpuidle and I must say that I'm really happy with it! My 1300Mhz AMD Morgan is usually @46C but now it's @29C! I don't have any actual reason to contact you but I'm just so happy right now that I have to ;)


I am very pleased with the performance CpuIdle which is maintaining my Athlon XP temperature below 50c. The way it integrates with MBM is brilliant. A truly excellent little program!


Just want to thank you for a great program! [...] I installed it on my machine and the CPU temperature instantly dropped from 45 to 30 degrees while the PSU fan slowed down to a hardly hearable speed... now it's really quiet!


Cpuidle rules! I`ve got a high end machine with GeForce 4 Ti and 400Mhz DDR`s and all that makes temperature inside my case raise dramatically (50 degrees). My Athlon XP 2000+ was 70 degrees. When I run CpuIdle I couldn`t believe it - it took just seconds to lower my cpu`s temp to 44 degrees!


I got new processor (Athlon XP 2000+) last week and I noticed that it make much more heat than my old Thunderbird 900. So, I drop a look at internet for "cooling program" and found CpuIdle. I took the version 6... and I almost got a shock! Temperature of CPU went down for 15 degrees! Present temperature of Athlon XP 2000+ is lower than it was with the double slower Thunderbird CPU. I'm completely fascinated by CpuIdle Pro!


CpuIdle is my new best friend in the war against heat. My system runs 10c degrees cooler than before. This allows for a quieter case and a happier CPU. The tech support is amazing. I wouldn't be caught without this program again!


Having worked in IT for 27 years I have to say CpuIdle is the most useful software I have ever seen. Well done. It's a pity hardware vendors don't install it as standard.


I just wanted to comment on how great CpuIdle is. My Palamino XP1600+ went down 10 degrees. WOW! if you need some great cooling then this is for you.


First of all, I want to thank you for creating this great utility! It works beautifully on my dual pentium machine. I can now shut off the fans on both cpus until the temperature gets to 45C which it rarely does because most of the time the cpus are idle!


Thanks for making CpuIdle, before my Athlon XP 2100 used to idle at 58C, now its down to 22C. Amazing.


The biggest invention... since watercooling! This program has got some wow factor congrats fly out for this fine piece of software.


Your program works far beyond my expectations! It was 'normal' that my CPU (XP 1800+) temp was 15 degrees above case temp. Now it is 2-4 degrees above case temp. I have removed the extra fan I placed so the whole system is also more silent.


Thanx for making cpuidle...I have a copy of cpuidle and now I am convinced that it was the best program I have on my system...